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Hassle-Free Delivery: Sourcing Without the Risk

We are committed to making it as easy as possible for you to source sustainable products for your company and brand. After ordering your product the only thing you’ll need to do is to get ready to introduce the products to your customers while waiting for them to show up at your company's doorstep.

We take care of ensuring sustainability in the whole supply chain, coordinating production, quality control, ensuring EU regulatory compliance, logistics and customs. No import handling, uncertain fees, or risky transactions are needed from your side.

International freight and imports

International freight and import can be a challenge and often includes hidden fees, and high risks. We know that this can be a hassle both logistically and financially. That’s why we make sure that you won’t have to worry about this.

If you, for instance, arrange shipping from a foreign country, the shipping agent can transfer shipping costs onto the import of the products. This results in an unpleasant surprise when your items arrive. What seemed like cheap transportation of your goods, suddenly results in high last-minute costs when they arrive at your port.

At Source for Future, we control the supply chain. We take care of logistics and import handling, so any hidden fees and the transportation risk are in our hands. When you source from us, it’s exactly the same as buying a product within the free goods movement in the EU. Our European section, Indo Naturals, takes care of all import duties, VAT and international freight fees.

EU regulatory compliance

EU regulations are plenty and often complicated. Cosmetics regulations, CE standards, food contact regulations, timber product standards, and more have to be handled to assure a smooth process and the utmost safety for the consumers.

We assure EU regulatory compliance including documentation, registrations, labelling and more.

Global money transactions

Transferring money for procurement outside of Europe can be risky as you are no longer covered by EU/EEA laws and regulations. When procuring products from us you are sourcing from a European company and paying for it within Europe. Giving you a closer, more secure experience.


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