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For pallet load transportation and strorage


  • Easy to use
  • High level of stability and safety


In most countries, it is considered part of the pallet and can be imported/exported free from customs charges.



Standard dimensions

  • 100mm (W) x 5m (L)
  • 100mm (W) x 6m (L)
  • 100mm (W) x 7m (L)



Design: Develop pallet straps or pallets nets with your own custom dimensions. Attach your own textile patch to the straps with company information/QR code/etc.


Tailoring: Choose between a standard tailoring unit, or a social tailoring unit empowering women or rural communities.


Material: Choose between standard nylon, recycled nylon, or strong natural materials such as jute or coconut coir.



Environmental Impact

  • Eliminate the use of plastic film when shipping pallets
  • CO2 neutralized
  • Upcycled materials (if chosen)


Social Impact

  • Rural development or Women's Empowerment tailoring (if chosen)

PALLET NETTING | durable | easy-to-secure velcro | customizable

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    • Price: send inquiry for updated prices
    • Minimum OQ: 250-500 pieces
    • Availability: pre-order


    • Customization: available 
    • Branding: private label / Source For Future generic label
    • Packaging/labeling: pre-packaging/labeling available [see customizable packaging/labeling solutions here]