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Indo Naturals: A Brand for the Future

Our in-house brand Indo Naturals was created to push boundaries of how brands can contribute to creating change by reducing pollution and empowering people. With the pressing need to reduce plastic in our everyday life, our founder, Fredrik, started developing the brand in 2019. After a traineeship at the Norwegian Consulate in Mumbai, he set out on the social entrepreneurship adventure.

Fredrik saw the immense opportunities of creating natural zero-waste products in a way that creates livelihoods and empowers marginalized groups in rural India.

"Rural India is rich in natural resources and has a large population with a diverse set of skills on how to create products, in an ecologically friendly way. Using this traditional knowledge to create products for the modern world, in a way that contributes to rural development, is an opportunity we can't let pass in this critical point for our eco-systems"

The intention was to create a zero-waste brand. But as long as businesses, as usual, promote increasing inequality and unfair employment opportunities, fair trade was the only way forward. Designing for appeal, natural benefits, and zero-waste, while producing based on fair trade and empowerment, is not an easy task.

Indo Naturals is sold in various passionate eco-conscious retailers around Europe.

"We want our quality products to be accessible to everyday people at a price that is also fair for them. I believe we have created some unique products. They have a lot to them, in terms of direct benefits to the customer, social impact, and environmental elements. We often see our customers discovering new features of our products even after starting to use them."

Indo Naturals - the start of a new model

In 2021 Indo Naturals became the only Norwegian member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Indo Naturals was founded by Fredrik Kondrup in Norway in 2019 and has been built by the same team that created Source For Future. When establishing the brand, Indo Naturals, the team found several elements that make sourcing, fully sustainable products, difficult. Many brands, unfortunately, have to compromise on sustainability because of the difficulties attached to it.

The team at Indo Naturals refused to compromise and built up a model for sourcing sustainable products. A model comprising of a monitoring system to assure sustainable raw materials, ethical production practices and Co2 minimisation and neutralisation, as well as a supply chain created to reduce both logistics costs and Co2 emissions.

Source For Future - increasing the impact

Source For Future was created based on the experiences from creating Indo Naturals and has the purpose of making sustainable products without compromising available to other brands and companies through our supply chain.

Basing our platform on our own experiences as a European brand and company, we know what a brand or company struggles with in terms of sustainability and sourcing. All the difficulties we had, we have learnt and created systems to handle these problems, so you won't have to deal with them.


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