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Packaging Solutions: The First Thing Your Customers See

Packaging and labelling are important parts of a product's first impression. It's also often an elementary part of product sustainability. Finding eco-conscious packaging and labelling solutions can be a difficult and lengthy process. That's why we have done it for you. We offer packaging and labelling solutions together with the products. So when they arrive at your doorstep they are all ready for sales with your design on them.

Facilitating environmentally conscious, and even social, packaging and labelling solutions is an important part of our supply chain model setup. Our hub allows for customized packaging and labelling of your product as an integrated part of the export preparations. This makes it cost and time-effective.

Consult us as part of your product order. We can guide you in the direction of the most conscious packaging choice and our operations team is ready to source your dream packaging and labelling solution, while our hub team is ready to happily package your products.

Here are some of the solutions ready for your design to be put on them:

Textured aesthetic paper | Upcycled | Recyclable | Compostable | Pollution mitigation | Co2 mitigation

Textured aesthetic paper | Upcycled | Plantable/compostable

Textured aesthetic paper | Upcycled | Recyclable | Compostable | Pollution mitigation | Co2 mitigation

Strong | Lightweight | Easy to assemble | Plastic-free | Recyclable

Lightweight | Plastic-free | Recyclable

Strong | Plastic-free | Recyclable

Strong | Lightweight | Plastic-free | Recyclable

The packaging story of our in-house Indo Naturals soap bars

After developing seven unique zero-waste soap bars we could not be more proud and excited about it, however, we still had one challenge to face - the packaging. Being a zero-waste brand, it was quite an essential part of the product, and as stubborn little millennials and gen-z's we really didn't want to compromise on ANYTHING!

Not even a strip of glue or a piece of tape was to come in the close proximity of our soap bars. We wanted recycled paper, we wanted responsible production, and we wanted the box to be compostable.

The operations team started the search for a recycled paper partner while the design team started looking into a foldable, self-holding, soapbox that would not require glue. They also wanted a minimalistic print design allowing for its composability. The result speaks for itself.

Today we have several packaging partners, who make recycled paper, handmade paper, tree-free paper, of several boxes, tubes, bags, and tags of all sorts. Many of them are also empowering marginalized groups and creating a social impact. Plus, we fair trade monitor several of them.


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