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Sustainability Report: Know the Impact

For every product order, we deliver a one-page Sustainability Report. This provides all the most important information about the product's impact. Including circularity, features, production and raw material details as well as social and environmental impact. The report also illustrates the product's connection to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and provides a CO2 estimation. This estimation is also used to offset the product's CO2 emissions, ensuring that the order is CO2 neutral. A neutralization code can be found on the report, and a QR code takes you to an page where you can find a open-source CO2 offsetting list.

The report can be used for marketing, storytelling, consumer transparency and awareness building, and internal reporting. Thus it is useful for both internal and external communications. The report is designed to be easy to read so that salespeople and shop clerks can use it too quickly to provide customers with product impact information. It can also be displayed with the products either physically or online. The report makes it easy to show the customers how their product consumption is having an impact; helping consumers understand their impact, and motivating them to take such decisions and to see information about their product purchases.

Below is the Sustainability Report made for Mona Næss ceramic cup product development order in 2022.

*Co2 is estimated based on several factors and many sources. It will not show the exact Co2 emissions, it can be underestimated or overestimated. Showing exact Co2 emissions is impossible as Co2 is, directly and indirectly, connected to each step of creating a product. From raw material cultivation to every step of transportation and value-adding. We constantly update and improve our Co2 estimation and further our research into the Co2 emissions of each product.


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