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  • Massaging and exfoliating
  • Plastic-free body scrub alternative
  • Fully compostable/biodegradable


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Raw Material

  • 100% ridge gourd vegetable
  • Agricultural waste material from ridge gourd food production



  • Cleaned and sun-dried in central India


Environmental impact

  • Probiotics contribute to cleaning waterways of harmful chemicals and bacteria
  • UNSDG 6.3; " improves globally water quality"


Social impact

  • Livelihoods for local village women
  • Supports the continuing growth and self-sustaining, sustainability model of the community
  • Uses applied sciences to develop and test new products.
  • UNSDG 11.3; "promote peace and inclusion and promotes the development of a planned, sustainable, inclusive community."
  • Livelihoods impact: 20 people, mainly from the local villages.


A product-specific Sustainability Report is provided with each product order. 

LOOFAH BODY SCRUB - Indo Naturals | zero-waste | vegan | handmade

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    • Price: send inquiry for updated prices
    • Minimum OQ: 250-500 pieces
    • Availability: pre-order


    • Customization: available 
    • Branding: private label / Source For Future generic label
    • Packaging/labeling: pre-packaging/labeling available [see customizable packaging/labeling solutions here]