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Fit for Christmas tree decorations as well as interior decorations


  • Unique designs and aesthetic patterns
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • 100% natural dyes
  • No harmful chemicals used


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Raw material

  • Ivory wood is responsibly sourced from the local area.
  • Ivory grows naturally in non-farm/non-forest lands and no trees are cut down, only trimmings are used for the products
  • Lac, a natural resin, mixed with natural dyes is used to dye the products in different colours



  • Made by highly skilled artisans in central parts of south India
  • Using a mix of handiwork and machine-based work
  • Ivory wood is cut and shaped into the desired shape on a lathe spinning machine
  • Coloured lac sticks made with lac and natural dyes are used to evenly apply the colour to the products
  • Finally, the product is polished with a dry screw pine leaf
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the process


Environmental Impact

  • The wood is sourced responsibly and only natural dyes without harmful chemicals are used to make these long-lasting products
  • UNSDG 12.4; "achieve the environmentally sound management of chemicals and all wastes throughout their life cycle"


Social Impact

  • Artisans are empowered through the availability of job opportunities and skilling
  • UNSDG 8.5; "achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men"


A product-specific Sustainability Report is provided with each product order. 

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS | naturally coloured | responsible wood

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    • Price: send inquiry for updated prices
    • Minimum OQ: 250-500 pieces
    • Availability: pre-order


    • Customization: available 
    • Branding: private label / Source For Future generic label
    • Packaging/labeling: pre-packaging/labeling available [see customizable packaging/labeling solutions here]